how to remove your lower back pain easy and qickly!【Please invite your country 】

I will show you how to remove your lower back pain
quickly and easy way!

I am doing massage in japan proffecinally more than 7years
I study massage in chaing mai thailnd 2years.

I beleave i am one the best massageist in the world.
i do best tendon massle organ sexyalorgan massage

if your body becaming dead or before dead body
i can help that becaming dead body from best condition
cancer, heart attack, most of ill bad body stuation i can help

and my policy is most of time i want work 24 hour

so if need me i can go all over the world!

Please feel free to conat me any time by
any way!

I would love to visit out side of japan.

if you invite me in your contry i love to choose
lowest fee for everything is ofcorse i love to accept!


you can eat crab as much as you want

cost only 3980yen(without tax)

check below photos!



Okazaki City
Manipulative Institute Asai 444-0858
Aichi Prefecture Okazaki City Kamimutsuna 2-2-8



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TIKTOK  ユーザー名 seitaiinasai
SKYPE ID bts77jp
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Please feel free to ask any questions. We will be
happy to answer.

Diet plans are updated daily here.
The number of YOUTUBE registrants is also increasing rapidly to 327!

Currently, I am working hard to reach 1000 youtube registrants!

Osaka, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Ishikawa prefecture, Kyushu, etc.

We are also waiting for requests for on-site manipulative treatment all over Japan.

Also, professional athletes

Sumo / baseball / soccer / golf

Like when I was an active athlete such as an Olympic athlete

Those who want to regain their muscles and body and return to their heyday

Because it is possible to perform special treatments that are highly recommended for

Professional athletes who are interested by all means and related parties

We look forward to hearing from you!

Irregularly Hokkaido, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, Okinawa, Miyakojima

Hawaii, New York, England, Italy, France, Germany

Monaco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore

Saipan, Seoul, Busan, Australia, Boston, Houston

We also perform on-site manipulative treatment to

People who want to receive treatment gather and deduct expenses to some extent

If you feel that you are left, we are also on business trips outside the prefecture and overseas!

By all means, requests for on-site manipulative treatment from outside the prefecture and overseas are also deeper than my heart.

We’ll be expecting you.

The cheapest way to travel and stay is okay!


I can treat foreigners, and I have been in English for 3 years in the US and 2 years in Thailand.

We can speak English to the extent that you do not have any problems, so we are waiting for your request for overseas business trips with confidence.


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